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Tested in all modern browsers

Easy maintenance with a customized CMS

Looks great on all devices

Built On Robust Frameworks and CMS

Grids and Typography mean your websites work, even on tablets.

Every project requires it's own set of tools and templates

Each layout is developed by a process of wireframing

Typography is set using a baseline rhythm
and grid system for maximum legibility

Mobile Websites That Actually Look Good

Allowing customers to visit your store around the world.

Mobile e-commerce opens up a much larger market

Accessible on any device – iOS and Android

Vivo Fund

The Vivo Fund supports the NICU at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Quebec. It was founded in 1999 and intensified it's fundraising efforts in recent years. This project was meants to showcase the great work done by this charity and provide access for it's viewers on all platforms.

This project was built using the Gumby Responsive Framework which allows it to display on all devices from desktop to mobile, android to iOS. In order to make site maintenance easy a customized version of Wordpress was also implemented.

Shred & Sew

Shred and Sew is a Montreal based fashion house founded in 2012. They sell cut and sewn garments that use vintage designer scarves. We were hired to build their online store and design their logo.

This project was built using Shopify and Foundation frameworks to build a robust online store.

Barami Furniture

Founded in 2006, Barami Furniture is housed in a 20,000 sq. ft. showroom near the Old Port. They sell modern and contemporary furniture and home accessories that range from lamps to bedrooms. We were hired to build their online store as well as promoting it via social media.

This project was built on Shopify and Foundation framework. Featuring over 2,000 product variations this shop required a solid and simple to use cart that would allow their employees to manage the store self-sufficiently.


Every project has it's own particularities and requirements. So we like to use a wide variety of frameworks and services to best tailor the web experience for your customers. Initially wireframes and prototypes are created and used to work towards the first proposal.


A process of proposal and revision is used to decide on the front and back end features and design. Once each step is approved by the client, it is finalized. When the final product is finished and approved, it is then tested thouroughly in all major browers and devices.


Every aspect of the project is reviewed and optimized for publishing to it's live destination. Final touches are added and excess code is pruned to ensure speed and functionality in all major browers such as Internet Exploror, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

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